Welcome back to another season of the North Mountain Chorus. 

For tomorrow (Sept 11th), let's take a sing through some of the following pieces. 

Bohemian Rhapsody
The Love of the Sea
Homeward Bound 
You Raise me Up
Pussy Willows Cattails (from last Christmas) 
Irving Berlin's Xmas

The songs are all now on the website. 

We have the requisite number of originals or sanctioned copies in our choir files, so if you prefer not to print out your own copies, you may sign out those we've bought or borrowed.

Gareth will hand out music for Irving Berlin's Christmas, and Grown-Up Christmas List, and Tref will get those up next week. We also have 20 purchased copies of White Winter Hymnal and People Look East. 

See you tomorrow - let the carpools begin!​
Concert Info from Wendy

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