Concert Info from Wendy

Thursday, April 19 - 7:00 1st practice with Mary Magee - Burlington Hall**

Sunday, April 22 - 10:30 sound check/walking practice
(many apologies for this early start time! let's book lunch at a Wolfville establishment and have a mini party)
  1:30 mass choir practice
  2:30 doors open 
  3:00 concert

songs we are performing:

NMC  - Come Home, Homeward Bound
Mass Choirs: Watching the Apples Grow, Song of the Land 

Thursday, April 26 - 7:00 2nd practice with Mary**

Tuesday, May 1 - 6:30 - Grandview Manor/Berwick United Church (Pat? Burt?)

Thursday, May 3 - 7:00 - Concert/ Lions' Hall

Sunday, May 6 - Burlington Hall?

Latest News

North Mountain Chorus
Choir registry form available here,
SONG ORDER (as of April 6 2018)

Come Home
Homeward Bound
The Love of the Sea
Away From the Roll of the Sea
River of Dreams

Intermission (Bob Fedderer and Steve)

Bohemian Rhapsody
By the Rivers of Babylon
Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Choir of New Nova Scotians (new immigrant children - if this comes together)
These Hands
Tiny Lights - we'll be singing along on the choruses, or oohing as appropriate

Song for the Mira
You Raise Me Up
Ashokan Farewell